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At Kettle Moraine, we understand that golf is a game that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Our PGA Professional, Rick Callies, is available for individual and group lessons.  Get your game on the right track by booking a lesson today!
Rick Callies 

Teaching Philosophy

Nobody will ever achieve the "perfect golf swing."
What everybody can achieve though is a consistent swing.
It is most important to keep the basic swing fundamentals in each golf swing.  First, you will learn the proper posture, grip, and alignment.   These are the three things that can be checked before you ever swing the golf club.  Next, you will learn how to transfer your weight correctly during the golf swing.  By starting with your hips at the top of the golf swing, you will be able to generate your maximum amount of power through the golf ball.   It is most important to finish with your weight on the inside of your foot.  As long as you can understand and reproduce these basic swing components, you will achieve a consistent golf swing that will generate great golf shots.

Teaching Approach

I understand that each person learns his/her abilities through different teaching methods.  I am confident in my ability to individualize instruction in order to achieve maximum results.
I teach the game by using simple techniques, teaching aids, a hands-on approach to get my students in the correct positions, and I will improvise frequently.  During every golf lesson, one thing is always constant; I will give the student one swing-thought to get him/her to the top of the backswing and one swing-thought to get through the golf ball and into a picture-perfect finish.  I have an extremely high patience level which helps to make each golfer feel confident and comfortable. Being confident and comfortable are two key ingredients in producing great golf shots.
By using the skills I have acquired, I know that I can give lessons to golfers of all abilities. By utilizing my professional teaching advice, individual practice, and dedication, any golfer will be able to meet his/her goals.

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